Turquoise & Gold S/S’15

Resort wear can seem to be an oxymoronic term, it is often mistaken to be only associated with swimwear or beachwear, but the fact remains that a resort line has everything from your daily basics to glamorous dresses without just being restricted to swimwear/beachwear.

Here’s a fun fact: Resort wear also known as cruise wear, was showcased only by high-end stores originally for their affluent clientele as they were the ones who had the luxury to travel often, and have vacations in places with warm climate conditions. (Wikipedia)

Turquoise & Gold is amongst the very few luxury labels in India dedicated solely to resort wear fashion. 3 words that can truly define the label are Luxurious, Effortless and Exquisite.

I was able to exclusively go to the Turquoise & Gold store here in Mumbai to pick out 3 of my favourite looks from their beautiful S/S’15 line, and this wonderful experience of mine began right from the time I entered the store. The T&G Mumbai store is aptly located in the heart of the city, with beautiful interiors complementing the labels luxurious feel. You will find me using the term luxury multiple times throughout the post, because that is exactly what I experienced from the moment I set foot in the store.

Turquoise and GoldTurquoise & Gold Store – Mumbai

About The S/S15 Collection: I noticed that the S/S15 collection comprised of beautiful bold prints such as the fun Peacock print you will find me wearing as you scroll down. And the colors ranged right from vibrant hues perfect for the summers to essential neutrals like blush pinks and khaki. The collection had it all, from maxi dresses to mini shift style dresses, fun co-ord sets and separates made out of plush fabrics. Head on to their website to have a look at the complete range.

Turquoise and Gold
Turquoise and GoldTurquoise & Gold S/S’15 Collection

I picked 3 looks from the range that I felt would be perfect staples in ones wardrobe.

Look 1: You can never go wrong with an exquisite maxi style dress. Perfect for formal occasions or even to take along on a warm vacation. This dress instantly managed to catch my eye because of its print, if you look closely the dress incorporates some quirky hashtags all over with a dash of red. Besides the print, I also loved the way the dress looked once I tried it on!

Turquoise and Gold Turquoise and Gold Turquoise and Gold Turquoise and Gold Turquoise and Gold Look 2: Speaking of summer time, it is an absolute must to have bright colours and bold prints. A summer wardrobe without fun colours is just boring! I absolutely love this relaxed set, it screams vacation mode to me! And on regular days these 2 pieces would work really well as separates. Pair the top with a pair of well fitted jeans, or the trouser with a crisp white shirt!

Turquoise and Gold Turquoise and Gold Turquoise and Gold Turquoise and Gold Turquoise and GoldLook 3: What is not to love about this little swing dress? It is such a versatile piece in my opinion; it can be worn to a formal do by simply adding a neutral coloured blazer, or could be worn on a fun night out with a pair of booties and some accessories.

Turquoise and Gold Turquoise and Gold Turquoise and Gold Turquoise and Gold Turquoise and GoldLet me know which one of the 3 is your favourite look!



Photo credits: Pulkit Sehgal

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