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On The Move

Co-ordinates - Arabellaa  Shoes - Nike  Bag - Chanel Third to the series from the shoot in Hong Kong is this look, denim co-ordinates from Arabellaa. This look was all about comfort for when you're on the move in a new city, ready to explore and experience. For hair I went for a sleek … Continue reading

Keep Walking. Don’t Stop.

Told you there's more! This one is from the Hong Kong street style series that I shot with Lenny, the theme of this entire shoot was to capture the essence of this beautiful city. Read more here. For this look I wanted to create a city girl vibe, I went ahead and dressed down this … Continue reading

Its a wrap!

Skirt - Arabellaa  Top - Arabellaa  Shoes - Dorothy Perkins   Sunglasses - Dior  Watch - Fossil   Bag - Chanel Bag Charm - Fendi There's a reason why I love these skirts, the wrap around kinds! You can basically make them look super flattering by drawing the strings around the … Continue reading

Pretty Whites

Co-ord Set - Arabellaa Sunglasses - Arabellaa Earrings - Arabellaa Watch - Fossil Bag - Chanel Shoes - Christian Louboutin Take my word for it, whenever you're having one of those days when you need to look super chic but you have absolutely no idea how, just go ahead and put some … Continue reading

Introducing Arabellaa

The Story: Starting up something of my own was always a part of my plan at a very young age. I got it from my mother who is super entrepreneurial and taught me to do what I love. As a child I was very lucky that my parents let me explore my options and did not just straight up ask me to join the … Continue reading