When snacking can be guilt-free!

Saffola Active Soups

Ok I have to admit, I am a huge snacker! So much so that I need a quick snack between most meals. But on the other hand, I also enjoy healthy eating, It’s a lifestyle that I have adapted and comes naturally to me now. (Watch this video, to know more) This only means that I am always on the look out for healthy snacking options, and which is how I came across Saffola’s new range on Active soups.

Snacks need to be easy and suitable for a busy lifestyle, you can’t practically cook up healthy snacks everyday, and sometimes eating snacks like nuts and fruits can get boring! Saffola active soups tick every requirement to make the cut for the perfect healthy snack. How?

All you have to do is, mix the contents of the sachet into hot water, stir it and you have a super yummy soup to fill you up! Now you must be thinking that how is this packaged soup healthy? Saffola Active soups are actually great because they only contain 100% natural ingredients and nothing that your body doesn’t need.

Another thing that makes these soups so great is the fact that they have 5x more fibber, which means the soup will keep you full for a longer time, avoiding any kind of binge eating! They are available in 5 yummy flavours, I personally love tomato!

Tell me if you guys give these soups a go, and if you enjoy snacking just like me!

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Shot by: Mohit Varu
Location courtesy: Moonshine Cafe & Bar



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