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Juhi Godambe

Juhi Godambe Juhi Godambe Juhi Godambe Juhi Godambe Juhi Godambe Juhi Godambe Juhi Godambe

Dress - H&M  Bag - Chanel  Shoes - Truffle collection  
Watch - Omega

I was in Hong Kong just last week; it was a work trip that then turned into a leisure trip when Ruchi (My Best friend) joined me. I absolutely love visiting new cities and exploring and enjoying its culture, cuisine and people. Although, Hong Kong is not new to me at all, this trip I got to explore the city in a way I never got to before. I always visit Hong Kong for work trips which doesn’t really let me do much there. Luckily this time that wasn’t the case.

I was so lucky to come across Lenny, a finance professional and photographer who agreed to do a street style shoot with me in Hong Kong. Our style also matched which was perfect; we both like to go with the flow while shooting.

I think in pictures that are mainly street style, the images not only capture me or what I’m wearing but also the essence of the city, its people, culture everything! The images speak to you in so many ways and I think that’s exactly what this shoot did.

We shot a couple of looks on a busy street of Hong Kong, and in the coming blog posts you will see just how every image has a story.

For this look, I wore an evening metallic gown in a causal way. Pretty much no makeup and messy hair to finish up.

Stay tuned for more from this shoot.


Photo credits: Lenny B. Conil

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