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Todays post is not the usual kind, I’m not talking about what I wore, a trend I love or a fun event I recently attended, I’m going to be talking about the importance of personal care.

Now, you must be thinking what is this article doing on a fashion blog, I say this is a super relevant topic because fashion at any given point gives a lot of importance to our outer appearance. It’s a field that’s all about making the right first impressions. People judge you on the way you dress, talk and also on the way you smile! And when we pay so much attention to our skin, hair and bodies, why should our dental health be neglected! Phew! Can get exhausting but its totally worth it.

I’ve recently been wanting to get my teeth whitened because A. I’m an avid coffee drinker, and B. its natural for our teeth to get a tint of yellow over time and its not the best when my job involves a ton of picture taking. I’ve been doing my research on where I could go and get this procedure done, and after all my research, reading a ton of Dentzz reviews I decided to drop by the Dentzz clinic in Mumbai. I went in for a consultation with Dr. Aastha at Dentzz and I was so amazed with all the information I got that I thought of sharing it all with you guys.

My experience at Dentzz began right from the time I called in for an appointment; they were warm and extremely cooperative with all my queries, the operator suggested that I should come in for a consultation first to see which treatment is the most suitable for my requirement. When I entered the clinic on the day of my consultation I felt super welcomed from the moment I entered. It was such a great looking space, and was also super spacious for a dental clinic. When I met Dr. Aastha I couldn’t stop myself from complimenting her on her beautiful smile and that is when she told me about the kind of procedures they offer at Dentzz, that has been gaining a ton of popularity off late.

She told me that they offer treatments like a smile makeover which means anyone can walk out with a great looking smile. This doesn’t take more than 2-4 days and trust me the results look amazing. As per my research a lot of celebrities undergo this treatment at Dentzz, which is why they have such amazing smiles. The doctors use veneers if needed that are invisible and help achieve that perfect shape. A lot of dental treatments invade the natural enamel of the teeth but the teeth whitening treatment at Dentzz promises to be non invasive and a perfect protectant to our teeth.

Besides smile makeovers they offer a ton of other treatments such as a laser root canal, using the best technology available in the market. Overall I’ve been super satisfied with my first consultation and I cant wait to go in for my whitening session, the best part is that this procedure is sensitivity free and lasts for more than 10 months.

If you guys are looking for a similar treatment, or even if you want to look into a consultation I highly recommend visiting Dentzz. The clinic is currently located in Mumbai, Delhi and Dubai.

Let me know what you thought of a post like this one and if you would like to see more in the future!

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    Hey Juhi. nice to see you talking about health, it also important to look good. When you need to get a presentable smile for yourself, you don’t have to wait on end to get it. All you have to do is find the dental treatment service. I also research and read Dentzz reviews of genuine people. If in future will get any treatment will infidelity prefer Dentzz.
    Thanks for article, Keep sharing.

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    Hi Juhi, Thanks for sharing your experience here. Your review looks good about Dentzz. My teeth have been giving me a lot of problems. Thank you for sharing this post because now I am pretty convinced about visiting Dentzz.

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    thank you ! for review about dentzz .i was little worried about oral surgery due to pain .but you visted dentzz and your review gave me a idea about dental care are very beautiful & sexy young lady with shining teeth . thank you

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    Hi Juhi, Glad to see you sharing your review on Dentzz Clinic. I too had a great experience at Dentzz Clinic. The dentist were really professional and the staff were very co-operative and they also treated me with great care.They helped me too to get my smile back.

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    Hello Juhi, thanks for sharing your review on dentzz clinic. I visited for Root Canal Treatment, doctor Helps in clearly describing the problem and all the optimum solutions to fix the same. Does a very precise work on the tooth. I am satisfied with my treatment.

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    I had what seemed like a positive experience at Dentzz Delhi even though the environment was not altogether as suggested on the website. The consultant and dentist treated me professionally but a month later I have a lot of pain still on at least one of my crowns and I am anxious. It appears to be on the tooth I went to have an implant for but was recommended a crown.

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    Nice blog. The dentistry at it’s best with smile designing is apt and its every patient right. With switch on from braces to invisalign the advances in dentistry have evolved to a great extent and it seems to be very much true in your blog

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