New York, A State Of Mind

New York, New York, New York! You have to ‘live’ in this city to know how truly magical this city is.

Before I begin getting into the details of my trip, I want to start by telling you guys that it wasn’t the tall buildings, or the shopping at 5th Av, the artsy cafes in Soho or the endless walk on the highline, the graffiti and culture in Brooklyn and oh of course wandering in central park (The list could go on) that made me fall in love with this city in 15 days, it was most definitely and truly the people of New York City that made me feel at home and much in love.

Now! If you guys were lovely enough to catch my daily vlogs, you guys must have had a fair idea of what my trip was like, but I’m not sure if I made it clear why I was really in New York. I was there for a bunch of really exciting meetings for Arabellaa and since my best friends also stay in that city, I went ahead and extended this trip into a work-cation.

In these 15 days I tried my best to Live in the city and not just visit it, what I mean to say is, I hate going to new places as a tourist I really like to make myself feel at home wherever I go to experience it like a local. 15 days may not be enough, but I tried my best to do everything a tourist wouldn’t!

My Stay:

My friends Dhwani and Tarun live around New Port in Jersey City, which is about 10 minutes from Manhattan, and that’s where I stayed. Dhwani and I rented a beautiful home over looking the Hudson river, it was just perfect! The location was on-point, with easy access to the trains, restaurants and even the mall. Highly recommend checking out airbnb or other apartment rentals around New Port.

Restaurants/Cafes that I went to and HIGHLY recommend:


  1. Bars/Clubs/Dinner
  • Le Bain
  • The Blond
  • PHD
  • Tao
  • Nobu
  • Atta Boy
  • Excuse my French
  • The Dead Rabbit


  1. Coffee/Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch
  • While we were young
  • Smith & Changs
  • By Chloe
  • Claudette
  • Citizens of Chelsea
  • Two Hands
  • Laduree Cafe


  1. Dinner
  • Byblos
  • Soho Park
  • Restaurant at Central Park
  • Jaiya Thai
  • Aunt Jakes


  1. Others
  • Chelsea Market
  • Artichokes Pizza
  • Restaurant/Cafes at Central Park
  • Coffee shop at the MET
(Magnolia Bakery) (Laduree Cafe, Soho)
(Two Hands, Greenvich Village) (Artichokes Pizza) (Smith & Changs)
(By Chloe) (While we were young, Soho)(Le bain)

Final thoughts:

I mean I was in New York after all and I did go in with a lot of expectations, and guess what? The city out did them all!

The city has a fast life, so diverse and extremely accepting. There’s something happening in every corner and so many moments of nostalgia from your favourite movie or TV series. It was everything I wanted from my getaway/work-cation.

I guess what made my stay even more special was of course the fact that I had my best friends Dhwani and Tarun with me to experience all my first’s in New York! Love them so much and will always be so grateful for the memories we were able to create over those 15 days.

Photo Diary:

Until next time.. New York!


Photo credits:

My supportive friends (so grateful for them!)

Dhwani, Tarun <3

Also Bhavika and Nikeeta 😀

Oh, and the people of New York!



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    I love all ur picks pls give the details of the outfits as in brands of shoes, clothes n bags. Very much inspired by ur fashion ????

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