My New Hair Colour X L’Oreal Professionnel Smartbond

Loreal Smartbond

If you guys are from the social media Fam, you guys might know that I got my hair coloured last week at the L’Oreal Professionnel academy in Mumbai. My hair was coloured by Sumit, who is one of their leading technicians based out of Delhi.

I am usually super skeptical about getting things done to my hair, even if it’s just a hair cut! So you can only imagine how stressed I get thinking about chemically treating my hair. Although I have my worries about chemical treatments, I still enjoy getting my hair coloured now and then.

When L’Oreal Professionnel invited me to get my hair coloured and try a colour from the wide French Browns range, I immediately considered the offer because my roots were growing out and I needed a hair colour any way. But the most important reason for me to go ahead with it was the fact that they introduced a new product called Smartbond which they were going to be using during the colouring process and I really wanted to try it out myself!

Loreal Smartbond Loreal Smartbond Loreal Smartbond

Now, what is Smartbond? Its basically a super genius product that repairs the hair bonds that are already damaged, and at the same time avoids any fresh damage to the hair. Brilliant isn’t it? At first I thought it’s too good to be true, but then I actually went ahead and tried it!

Final verdict? A, I love my hair colour! B, My hair actually did feel super super nourished and soft even after the hair colouring process! The product was basically mixed with the hair colour, and it was working to protect my hair through out.

Loreal Smartbond Loreal Smartbond

Next time you guys are considering to get a hair colour, do ask your technician about Smartbond, it’s basically a shield that you shouldn’t be colouring your hair without!

Hope this is helpful! Feel free to ask me any further questions in the comment section below!

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