Monochromatic Combo

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Skirt - zara  Top & Shoes - Forever 21
Watch - Longines  Bag - Old thrifted bag  Sunglasses - Aldo

Monochrome is an eternal trend in my opinion. Year in and year out every trend report will have a permanent spot saved for black and white. And I’m not complaining! A wardrobe with out black and white is plain boring!

Which is why this leather 60s style skirt is going to be such a staple in my wardrobe for not just a season or a year, I am pretty sure I will be getting some great use out of it for several years. It can be worn in so many different ways all thanks to the colour the skirt is in!

I decided to edge up this otherwise feminine skirt with a cropped top in black, that has a netted detail on the neck.

And to finish the look I carried an old black satchel that I’ve had for years now, with a silver watch and grey heels.

Also, wish you all a Happy Valentine’s day! 😀 Hope you’re able to spend the day with your loved ones! <3

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Photo credits: Pulkit Sehgal

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