Lakme Fashion Week S/R’17 With Moto Z

Lakme fashion week 2017

Fashion week is never as simple as it seems, it’s not only about looking great and attending shows. There’s so much more to it!

As a blogger a very popular saying that is ‘If it hasn’t been captured for social media, it never really happened!’ makes total sense especially during fashion week! The pressure of capturing amazing shots of pretty much everything is real! Daily outfits, Makeup, street style, shows, food, everything!

Lakme fashion week 2017

Now, this season Moto stepped in and made my fashion week experience so much better! How? By introducing the Moto Z Play that came with the Hasselblad mod to help me capture perfectly detailed shots, with its crystal clear 10x zoom. Capturing runway shots with harsh lights did not need heavy professional DSLR cameras anymore. The phone is just the perfect size, sleek enough to even fit into my evening purse along with the Hasselblad.

Incase you’re wondering if it was a task to attach and detach the Hasselblad to the phone, I have to tell you, attaching it to the phone was my favourite part! It’s got this magnetic attachment where the Hasselblad and the phone just come together in seconds. Its as simple as bringing the two devices close to each other and snap! They get attached.

Another feature I have to talk about is its battery life. One major struggle during fashion week is having to carry a bulky portable charger along to avoid complete battery drainage, but the Moto Z Play did not need any charging for over 2 days inspite of the extensive usage which was absolutely amazing and efficient.

I highly recommend the Moto Z Play if you need a great phone with a camera that has professional standards.

Below are shots taken on the Moto Z Play from Day 1 to 5 of Fashion week summer/resort 2017.

Street Style

Lakme fashion week 2017 Lakme fashion week 2017 Lakme fashion week 2017 Lakme fashion week 2017 Lakme fashion week 2017 Lakme fashion week 2017 Lakme fashion week 2017 Lakme fashion week 2017 Lakme fashion week 2017



Lakme fashion week Lakme fashion week 2017

Behind The Scenes

Lakme fashion week 2017 Lakme fashion week 2017




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