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Necklace: Dru  Top: boohoo  Trousers: Forever21  Clutch: From an exhibition
Shoes: H&M

Indian jewellery is so exquisite and intricate; It’s a shame that our lifestyle does not permit us to wear it very often. I find myself buying beautiful new pieces of jewellery every time I get a chance to wear Indian clothes, this is because when I do wear Indian its on special occasions only. And then once it’s all done, the jewellery has to be packed up and kept away as you know your not going to be using it anytime soon!

But now when I think about it, wearing statement jewellery is such a trend. And each and every piece of Indian jewellery is nothing but a statement piece! So why not incorporate it in some of our dressy outfits and give them a bit of an Indie touch.

In today’s post that’s exactly what I’ve done! I am wearing an exquisite necklace with Kundan style droplets from DRU, it’s a newly launched label that has beautifully handcrafted jewellery, and each and every piece is truly breathtaking. When it came to selecting just one piece of jewellery from the line, it was quite a tough task to be honest! It’s important to remember that by adding too many pieces, the outfit might end up looking like a costume. So to avoid that and to make everything fall in place, it’s a must to balance it out by not adding too much at once. Basically less is more in this case!

About the look: I wore a neutral coloured crop top and a darker pair of cropped tailored trousers. The look itself demanded for a statement piece, which is why I decided to add this particular necklace. To finish up, keeping everything else fuss free I added a gold box clutch and a pair of simple black court heels.


Photo credits: Pulkit Sehgal


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