How To Get Back On Track, Post Holiday?

How to get back on track, post a holiday?

If you guys dint know, I have been away for almost 2 months non-stop. Flying in and out between trips, maybe came home for a day or a week max! Does this sound like I’m complaining? Because I’m not. What I want to actually talk about in todays post is the toll these trips take on ones body and mind.

I travel for work mostly through out the year, but just for a few days each month. These recent trips were quite a few time zones at once. Starting with New York then London, Cape Town, Dubai, Thailand, Bali and a quick detour to Chandigarh.

What I miss the most when I’m travelling non-stop is a good routine, being able to eat right, go to the gym, work with my team on new projects for both the business and the blog and spending quality time with loved ones.

In my field of work, I think looking right and most importantly feeling good about yourself is very important, but imagine having to constantly travel, one can only control till an extent when it comes to food. And also not being able to work out because lets be honest, lack of motivation when you’re surrounded by friends.

So I think what’s important is HOW I BOUNCE BACK into my routine once I’m back home. There are 3 things I like to be extra particular about once I’m back.

  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Skin

Food –

Once I’m back home, I try sticking to the basics, just eat simple home food, and watch the portion sizes, eat how much your body needs, and not what your mind thinks it does. The biggest tip here is, to avoid eating out as much as possible and to say a strict NO to processed or packaged foods, this will reduce unnecessary snacking.


Fitness –

I like setting goals in terms of fitness after my trips, I try and tell my self that I should be working out atleast 5 times a week if not more. Tip: Try and include more cardio in the first week once your back, and then gradually slip into your usual workouts. This may help in getting rid of the holiday weight.


Skin –

Try and keep your skin as hydrated as possible! Those plane journeys really suck the moisture out of your skin. So make sure you wear a good moisturizing mask the day you’re back, use good serums and creams. And most importantly, drinks lots and lots of water! Tip: Keep a bottle of water with you, no matter where you go, this makes you have water without even realizing.

One thing I would like to add is that, I think life is all about striking a 
balance! Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, and then when you're back a little 
discipline is also great to be able to really value those Holidays!

Hope these tips help, I’m almost just slipping back into my routine; let me know what other issues do you guys face after long holidays or work trips.


Until next time!


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