A week with Nubia M2

Nubia M2, Juhi Godambe

Now, before you guys start reading this story, let me tell you I am not about to talk about a new trend or accessory I’ve been loving, actually it is an accessory but a Techie one!

Introducing the new Nubia M2, I got a chance to take this pretty phone out and about for over a week to try it out and the more I used it the more I was starting to love it! The one feature that I used the most doesn’t need any second-guessing; it had to be the camera! (I mean of-course :P)

Nubia M2, Juhi Godambe

Now if you know me, I use my phone camera for pretty much everything and that’s how I put this phone to test, I take multiple types of images like outfit pictures, beauty and product pictures using the portrait mode, food images you name it! The Nubia M2 excelled at them all!

The phone comes with 13MP dual cameras that allow you to capture stunning depth of field effect images that keeps the face sharp while blurring the background. (Perfect for Instagram posts!). Another feature I loved was how the camera adjusts itself in low light, which is so important while shooting indoors.

Some more features that fit perfectly into my lifestyle were its extended battery life, amazing for the days I have shoots and meetings all day! Super quick fingerprint recognition, making it secure and efficient and most importantly its amazing memory space that goes upto 64 GB allowing me to take as many shots as I want till I get the perfect one. It also comes with a 5.5inch Full HD Amoled display with a super sleek and good looking exterior body

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Price – INR 22,999/-

Nubia M2, Juhi Godambe


Nubia M2, Juhi Godambe Nubia M2, Juhi Godambe Nubia M2, Juhi Godambe

Nubia M2, Juhi Godambe Nubia M2, Juhi Godambe Nubia M2, Juhi Godambe

Nubia M2, Juhi Godambe

Nubia M2, Juhi GodambeNubia M2, Juhi Godambe[Images shot on the Nubia M2]

Top - Na-kd Fashion  Shorts - Topshop  
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins  Bag - Chanel

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Location courtesy: Verbena, Mumbai
Photo credits: Gary Taylor

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