The Art Of Weddings At Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu X Juhi Godambe

Last week I flew down to the capital for a few hours to attend workshops at the art of weddings at Radisson Blu.  I was looking forward to attend this event for quite some time because I was about to meet the best of best from the wedding industry, right from clothes, food, invites the works! I was also looking forward to my stay at the property as I’ve always enjoyed pleasant stays at Radisson blu.

Now guys before you think I’m about to get married or something, hell no! I have a long way to go, but I wont deny the fact that weddings get me super excited! Specially our big fat Indian weddings!

It was no surprise to me that weddings need months of planning, and after meeting these industry specialists at the beautiful Radisson Blu, I also realised that if you work with the right people for your big day, there is no reason to turn into a bridezilla at all!

I first had a chat with one of my favourite Indian Designers Payal Singhal who is an ideal designer for young brides. She just gets how one must adapt to changing times and the fact that a wedding trousseau is not the same as it used to be.

I also met other industry specialists to understand how to select the right food menu, get the perfect invite, the décor and more. Over all I felt way more confident for when the time comes for me to fix up appointments with these specialists.

Coming to my stay at Radisson blu, although I spent just a few hours there to attend these workshops, I will be going back to the property super soon to enjoy it more. From what I experienced I have to say that, it is a gorgeous hotel! The hospitality is so great! The art of weddings was held at the hotels banquet area, which is again very well made. It would require minimum décor for weddings as it is already super gorgeous.

Highly recommend having a look at Radisson Blu properties if you are a bride or groom to be!

I wore this gorgeous tunic and dhoti set from Payal, and the outfit had me at its colour and tassels. So comfy and easy!

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Photo credits: Sahil Kumar



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