Abu Dhabi Like Never Before

I really want to start this article by saying that I feel so grateful to be able to travel and experience new cultures, meet beautiful new people and do all of this with the people I love. Never imagined that this could happen so soon in my life, and every time I have such an opportunity, I want to let you guys know, I cherish every moment of it. Every tiny bit of it!

I was invited to experience Abu Dhabi by Visit Abu Dhabi (tourism), and can I just say, Sid and I had the best time! We really did see Abu Dhabi in a very different way.

We landed into Abu Dhabi on the 26th of November, which was a Sunday for the world but the first day of the week in the UAE. Our kind and super sweet driver in Abu Dhabi came to receive us at the airport and drove us to our hotel, The Park Hyatt. We arrived at our hotel at about 1pm and we were so pumped to start our day that afternoon.

Park Hyatt is a beautiful luxury property in Abu Dhabi with a private beach and an infinity pool. The staff was extremely hospitable and I overall loved the vibe of the hotel. Also side note, the rooms were exceptionally large. I would rate the hotel a 5 on 5 !

Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe

DAY 1:

After arriving at our hotel we went to The Ritz Carlton for lunch at Al Fresco to enjoy a casual Mexican meal. By the time we went for lunch, I was starving! (Because I dint eat on the plane) And the fact that the meal was so good made my stomach extra happy! Highly recommend visiting Al Fresco if you love Mexican food.

Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe

I got Sid to take atleast a 100 pictures of me at The Ritz Carlton (True story) because the property was so pretty! Besides the fact that it was huge, it was also very well designed. It almost looked like it had tiny villages within the property along a man made beach.

Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe

We then made our way to the Galleria mall at about 5:30pm to do a bit of shopping and grab dinner there later in the evening. Amal who was a representative from the mall was so kind to give us a private tour. It was truly luxe and the perfect spot to buy your luxury goods from.

We then grabbed a bite and some coffee at the Leopolds, couldn’t do dinner because we were still VERY full from our late lunch at Al Fresco.

Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe

DAY 2:

For Day 2 we had a visit to planned to Beach Rotana followed by Lunch at an Italian restaurant there called Prego’s. Beach Rotana has been around in Abu Dhabi for quite some time unlike a lot of the other newer hotels. They take their fitness amenities very seriously, with a huge gym and other activities like cross fit classes and more. The hotel also has a beautiful pool along with a private beach. That afternoon was so perfect! Did I mention? The Abu Dhabi mall is connected to the hotel, and Sid and I also went in for a quick stroll at the mall. After we worked up an appetite we landed for our meal at Prego’s and my favourite part of that meal was their vegetarian risotto.

Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe

Rest of that afternoon was pretty much spent at our hotel’s (Park Hyatt) insane pool and private beach! The weather was amazing that day. Warm yet pleasant. If you got a chance to watch my vlog you must have seen how perfect the beach was! It was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon!

After our little lie down at the beach we quickly got showered to visit Abu Dhabi’s beautiful Grand Mosque, I think words wont do justice to how serene it feels to just be there.

That evening was then followed by a pretty dinner at a restaurant called ‘Asia De Cuba’ a multi cuisine restaurant, where we got seated outside by the beach with a gorgeous view of the Abu Dhabi skyline. My favourite there was their sweet potato fries and prawn dumpling.

DAY 3:Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe

We started on a rather adventurous note on day 3, we jetted off to the Eastern Mangroves hotel for a private kayaking experience. And can I just say, Sid and I did great for being first timers. We paddled across the sea to reach a beautiful patch of the mangroves. We took a moment there to enjoy its beauty and then paddled back to make our way out.

I really wished I had my camera to capture everything while we went Kayaking, but since we were first timers taking the camera along wasn’t advised. It was great that our kayak dint flip to soak us wet, but I guess since I dint have my camera I managed to get a few extra minutes to enjoy being so close to nature.

We were set up for lunch at Printania at the Royal Rose Hotel after which we relaxed at our hotel for a bit and headed to the newly opened Louvre in Abu Dhabi.

If you enjoy art and culture, it’s the place to be. I have been to the Louvre in Paris, and the one in Abu Dhabi is so different yet equally gorgeous.

DAY 4:

Our last day in Abu Dhabi had to be spent in the best way possible, and we indeed did! We sailed to Zaya Nurai to enjoy a relaxed day at the stunning island. Im not sure if you guys noticed in my vlog, how excited I was to be at Zaya Nurai, the only way to describe it is a private paradise. Guests on the island can either book a day pass and enjoy the entire day there and sail back to Abu Dhabi at night or stay on the Island to enjoy their luxury private villas.

Sid and I took a day pass and I think it was just perfect, we got enough time to explore the island and relax at the same time. My favourite memory was swimming to the swings in the middle of the sea, between those tiny fishes and the cold water. Man it was beautiful!

Visit Abu Dhabi X Juhi Godambe

We returned to our hotel around 8pm, and we were joined by my cousin from Dubai, Kimberly and her fiancé Daren for dinner. We enjoyed a lovely quite meal at our hotel with some great company.

I think it was the perfect end to this trip!

I would like to say a big thank you to Visit Abu Dhabi for hosting Sid and me and showing us around this gorgeous city. Will now keep these memories with me forever, and hoping to create new ones super soon!

Until next time!


Also, big thank you to Siddharth for being the sweetest camera man through out the trip! Here’s to many more! And your exciting progress with photography. 😀



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