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tommy x gigi

Tommy X Gigi Tommy X Gigi Tommy X Gigi

Tommy X Gigi Tommy X Gigi Tommy X Gigi

If you got a chance to watch my vlog from Singapore recently you might know the story behind this post, if not then here we go.

Ive been trying to keep my content fun and new by often travelling to shoot at new locations, and recently I chose to fly down to Singapore for my shoots. My team and I were booked to travel almost 20 days in advance and of course there was no way we could predict the weather way in advance.

Fast forward!

We land into a cloudy Singapore (not good) and just after we shoot 2 looks out of the 30 we had planned to shoot over 2 days seemed impossible, I was pretty upset to be honest because I wanted to do so much! I infact had an itinerary prepared which was ofcourse not being followed thanks to the weather.

Mohit, Anisha and I then decided to return to the hotel, get some downtime and take a subway to go to indoor locations that were a part of the itinerary, we did just that, and then (drumrolls) while we were exiting the subway, I saw sunshine and I couldn’t contain myself! I never imagined a rainy singapore with thunder would get sunny so soon, and then thats it we shot looks till we could barely stand. Big hug to Mohit and Anisha for being an insanely hardworking bunch to do this with.

Moral? Stuff happens, and that’s ok!

Now about my outfit!

I wore this Tommy x Gigi swimsuit as a top with my red trousers from zara. Absolutely love how bold this look is against this gorgeous backdrop, which by the way is the rendezvous hotel. To finish up I went for my relaxed white sliders from zara and my navy sailer cap! Also the humidity made my hair look that way and I dint mind it for a change.

Hope you liked this little story time, will be back with more



Swimsuit - Tommy X Gigi, Trousers - Zara, 
Sliders - Zara,  Cap - Forever 21


Shot by: Mohit Varu


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