Exactly Where I Want to Be

Siloso Beach, Singapore

For people my age or anyone in their 20’s the only conversation that tends to come up socially or at home is where are we headed in life?

We all have huge dreams, most of them yet to be accomplished, and we think we have a plan to get to them, which is amazing! BUT I was just wondering what about where we are now, what about right now?

My point here is that I don’t want us to be stop being proud of everything that has happened in our lives so far. We get so caught up chasing our goals; often we miss out on celebrating the life we have right now.

“Everything comes with time but what’s important is what you have right now.”

You may not have control over the future as much as you think you might have, but you have the power to enjoy your loved ones now, your accomplishments now and just life in general right about now.

Let’s be ambitious and hustle but let us know when to strike a balance so that the old us has no regrets.

Here are a few things that I think are so important to help us live ‘Right Now’

  • Travel with friends and family

I know how difficult this is for all of us, but my friends and I have come up with a fail-proof plan, Pick a month in which you will make a trip every year! Your friends and you can plan leaves and work around it so that there are no excuses. Also book this in advance, really helps! These trips make bonds so much stronger.

  • Staying in touch on silly whatsapp groups

This is silly as it sounds, but these groups unknowingly let you be in touch with people you care about. Yes those silly forward messages included are priceless!

  • Having meals with your loved ones

People who live alone or in different cities might know the value of this the most, but atleast one meal a day at home with your family is so important. Helps us keep up with each other.

  • Spending some alone time

This quality time with yourself helps you centre yourself, do it over walks, runs or maybe just sit with a cup of coffee, do what makes you happy every once in a while.

  • Communicate

This makes life a lot easier, but we still find it so difficult to do! Communicate with the people you love whenever you feel low or need advice, it is the only thing you need.

Outfit: Pants & Cape - H&M , Top - Westside , 
Jewellery - H&M , Footwear - A local store in Bandra

Until next time!


Shot by: Mohit Varu
Location: Siloso Beach, Singapore


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