5 THINGS I Learnt Being A Blogger


I want to change things up a little on the blog by writing articles that are helpful and more personal at the same time. I want to share my experiences with you guys as much as I can because that’s what friends do!

I feel most inspired in the morning when I’m enjoying my cup of chai, that’s when my brain is functioning at it’s best, bursting with ideas. And that is when I thought of writing this article on the blog, about the 5 things I’ve learnt in this industry. I really think this would be a good read for budding bloggers or anyone who is making a career on social media.


  1. Quality Is Key:

I think this is one thing I learnt in the very beginning, I was lucky enough to get a chance to work with some great brands in the first few months of my blogging gig, and I realized the reason these brands were willing to work with me (While they were already working with other established bloggers) was only because of my content.

Now I’m not trying to say that my content is the best we have, but I know that it involved hard work and dedication even back them. AND that surprisingly was all coming out of love for what I do, purely.Not because I was getting paid to create quality content.

Even though I had just started out, I dint take that as an excuse to not maintain the quality of my content, every image was professionally shot, with a lot of planning behind it. At that point I had no big numbers, BUT I knew I had good images and an opinion on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and fitness.

I think that is what made brands not care about the numbers.


  1. Never Forget Your Roots

I got this important advice from my Parents, they always told me, no matter how established you think you are in your career, NEVER forget how you got there, NEVER forget to be grateful about it and most importantly NEVER forget the people who were involved to help you reach your goals.

Being humble and kind is one thing none of us should forget, in fact it always reflects on your career path. Brands and PR agencies are more happy to work with people who are nice to work with, people who can instantly make the work flow easy.


  1. Learn To Say No!

There has been work done in the past that I’m not very proud of, I’ve worked with certain brands only because I was excited to be working with any brand at all! But that dint last too long, I felt the guilt of shooting for a product I dint believe in at all, I felt like I was cheating on myself. I also felt like I was never proud to post those certain pictures which made me learn to say NO!

I realized that even if at that point it seems like an opportunity, it’s not a good idea to work with a brand that doesn’t synchronize with your image as a blogger.

It is so important to stay truthful to your audience and most importantly to yourself. YOU have to represent yourself in the best way possible, and not work with brands you would never personally wear or use! When you’re actually passionate about a product, I promise it will always show in your posts.


  1. Friendships

If theres one thing you shouldn’t believe about this industry, then that would be that bloggers can never be friends, and there is always a sense of competition.

I promise you, this is so untrue! I have been so lucky to have met some amazing people in this industry. We not only often work together but we also hang out beyond work, and really care for each other.

It is so important to have ‘GOOD’ friends who you can trust from the industry, specially when you’re starting out you will have so many questions and wont know who to ask! That is when your friends from the industry and you can figure it out together!

Having good friends will never make you feel like you’re alone.


  1. Hard work wins, Hustle!

Maybe this point is the obvious one, but the most important one! Often we lose our patience in order to get successful fast, but the only way to move forward is to hustle. Ever since I started working, hustle has been my favourite word, it makes me feel powerful the minute I say it to myself.

The biggest advice here is to love what you do, keep at it and don’t wait for opportunities to come, they will eventually follow you. If you work hard, there’s nothing stopping you to reach your goals.


These are just some important things that I always say, but if you want to know more, watch this video I made for everything you must know to be a blogger.

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Until next time!


Shot by: Mohit Varu





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    So so inspiring.. M an engineering student and this fashion and blogging stuffs always inspires me. I always wanted to be on this,but deep inside I always used to think may be, I won’t be able to lift up such fashionable world. But if I someday make my mind, I will definitely try it for myself. Thanks for being such helpful soul. May you rise high till the top. Xoxo

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    Ok so this is something that I usually read everywhere. Appreciate the efforts but I would really like the bloggers and youtubers to actually mention the technical and real world method to get into blogging. Like how to contact brands, how to monetise, minimum wage in the industry, what’s the procedure behind shoots and actual stuff like that. I’m fine with inspirational thing but to the point content will be bang on.

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      Hey Prikansha! So these were 5 point I think really matter in the end. But if you’re looking for something more technical and detailed, I’ve left a link to a video I made, where I’ve covered everything you would want to know. Do give it a watch 🙂

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    Hi juhi.. great read and an even better video.. really informative and concise! Thank u.. My question to you is how do a person grow through blogging if they are not okay to publicise themselves on social media and wish to keep accounts private? Also how will the brands respond to such bloggers or they wont opt for it at all? I have recently started my blog its still in a beta phase http://www.recklessmuse.com.. some feedback from you would be great.. cheers 🙂

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    Can boys also get in and make it big in fashion blog industry? Most of the fashion is only made and targeted at women and boys/girls are just excluded.
    Why is this in our society that fashion, and good looks are only for girls? Girls wear traditional masculine clothes but boys are still shamed/judged if they try to wear anything feminine, forget actually wearing a dress/saree.
    I am a boy and would love to be a reputed fashion blogger and designer one day.

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