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An impression about somebody we just meet is given, be it good or bad. Of course we all hope to create the right first impression and a lot of factors play an important role in this.

My life and clothes are like two peas in a pod, no really! I am always either shooting in new clothes or packing to shoot in those clothes the next day and sometimes I also juggle between shoots and meetings, which demand outfit changes! In this process I refuse to wear wrinkled clothes and that’s where I only and only trust my iron from Bajaj.

I cannot imagine walking into a meeting with un-kept clothes, the first impression people will have of me is that I don’t care and I am probably an untidy person (Which is not true) but you can’t control these thoughts! For these reasons I think crisp, steamed and ironed clothes are extremely important!

Currently I use the Bajaj Majesty MX 30 Steam Iron. And this product managed to get me so excited to write this article! It’s the perfect match for my busy lifestyle! I carry it with me on shoot days, it’s extremely easy to use because of the fact that clothes can be steamed easily anywhere and everywhere!

I highly recommend this product if you can relate to this article at all! It’s cost effective, durable and has all the possible features for crisp clothes on the go.

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Photo credits: Fenil Shah


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