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Juhi Godambe Nike

I know this post has been long overdue, although the running season has gone by for this year; the experience is still something I cherish. I want to pen it down on my blog for you guys and most importantly for me. This post is for me to look back every time I want to know what it felt like to complete my first half marathon.

My first time was at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, 14th January 2017, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, I think the fact that it was in Mumbai made this experience even more special.

(If you’ve missed part 1 of this post, click here to find out how I ended up enrolling and the training that went behind it.)

I woke up at around 3:30am to get ready and leave for the marathon, Nike sent a car to pick me up from my house and drop me to the gathering point, which was at Worli Dairy, Mumbai. To be honest I could barely sleep that night, I was so anxious. At that point all I could think of was, will I do it? What if I don’t! How embarrassing would that be? Those thoughts kept me up, but I was also quite excited. It was a mix of anxiousness and excitement.

Once I reached the starting point, I was absolutely calm, it was super early in the morning, everyone there were going through the same emotions as I was. We were all doing our warm ups, and people watching.

Juhi Godambe Nike Juhi Godambe Nike

Everyone began running section by section, when it was almost my turn, I quickly set my phone on my arm, switched on the Nike running app, and played my SCM playlist that I created the night before. Some of the runners were chanting ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya!’ at the starting point, which was really uplifting.

Soon the run began, as instructed by coach Dan and Yash, I went extremely slow, the strategy was to start slow and towards the end give it all I had and finish strong.

It was a nice and cool morning, and the first leg of the run started right on the Bandra-Worli sea link, thousands of people running, and all I could hear when I took my head phones off was the marching sound of everyone’s foot steps.

The run overall was extremely well organised, Mumbai police were there to make us feel safe at all times, they were all cheering for us as we ran, and volunteering to fetch us water when needed. It was so warming! There were also super warm people gathering across the route, right from children to adults, some volunteering to give the runners fuel such as fruits, snacks. I kept smiling throughout my run, and I tried to tell my self at times to not smile so much because it might get people confused 😛

I think the warmth of the city, and the overall atmosphere made this run so easy for me. To be honest on a regular training day that 21KM would have felt never ending, but this run was absolutely amazing, every bit of it!

Juhi Godambe Nike

The playlist that I designed for this run was made in a way that the music after an hour into the run would make me want to run faster, for me if the music is peppy, it automatically makes me want to run fast and I did exactly that. By the time I reached marine drive I was sprinting towards the finish line, and just moments later I made it to VT and realised I made it.

2 hours, 39 minutes was my timing for this 21KM run and I am so proud of it. I wasn’t competing nor timing, I am most proud of the experience I am taking with me, the people I met through this journey and the fact that I cant wait to do it all over again!

Juhi Godambe Nike

Huge shout out to Nike, its one of the most genuine brands I’ve worked with as an influencer, and cant thank them enough for being my number one motivator.

Juhi Godambe Nike

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